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The MTS HPLC calculator is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet comprised of 7 worksheets which correspond to useful HPLC related calculations. The calculator has been downloaded hundreds of times by users all over the world. If you have any requests or feedback then please let us know.

The calculations provided are as follows:

Column Equilibration
How long do you need to equilibrate a column for before it is ready to use?

Void Volume
Calculates the void volume and estimates the retention time of t0.

Pressure Converter
Change pressure units between the most commonly used units, e.g. psi to bar

Mobile Phase Buffer Strength
Performs the conversion from millimoles (mM) and %w/w to mass to weigh out so that you don't have to.

Mobile Phase Quantity - Isocratic
Works out how much mobile phase you will need to prepare for an isocratic analysis.

Mobile Phase Quantity - Gradient
Works out how much mobile phase you will need to prepare for a gradient analysis (one of the most popular!).

Method Development
Accompanies our HPLC method development courses to provide a simple way to convert a single gradient scouting run into a prediction of best conditions for initial method development, and predict whether an isocratic or a gradient approach will be most suitable.

Free HPLC Calculator from MTS

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