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iLearn: e-Learning HPLC Training Course

This e-Learning course is ideal for anyone who wishes to use HPLC. The course is delivered using our virtual environment for learning, e-MTS.

The cost of this course is just GBP £125 (+ VAT where applicable) and includes: access to e-MTS for the training; tutor support for the associated exercises; and a copy of our training book, An Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis. Watch the video for more information.

How does it work?

The training is equivalent to a full day of training and is made up of the following elements:

1.  A series of training videos totalling over 3 hours where each video is approximately 25 minutes. The videos open in the virtual environment for learning, e-MTS. You will need Flash installed on your computer. We have prepared: 'A Brief Guide to HPLC Instruments' as an example.

2.  Exercises designed to help you apply your learning. After you complete the exercises for each session you can request feedback from your personal tutor.

3.  An assessment which enables accreditation of the training.

All you need is access to the internet.

(Please note: The option described in the video, where the training is undertaken over a period of 1 week is no longer available. It has been found that delegates prefer the option where you have access to all the training materials for a period of 1 month and you choose times which suit you to watch the videos, and complete the exercises and assessment. You simply let us know whenever you would like feedback on your exercises and on completion of the assessment a certificate is sent out for your training records.)

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